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Ziyaretçi profili

Exhibitor Profile


•Leather Components & Materials

•Leather Accessories

•Leather Chemicals

•Raw leather

•Synthetic & Artificial leather

•Leather Machines & Tools & Equipments

Footwear and Bag Components

•Footwear Heels, Moulds, Last, Insoles, Soles, Uppers, Bands

•Footwear & Bag Chemicals

•Footwear & Bag Accessories(Button, strips, zipper, strap, clips, etc)

•Metalic Accesoriess (Ornaments, rings, washers, chains,buckles, hooks, eyelets, rivets)

•Shoes & Bag Components

•Footwear & Bag Machinery and Tools

•Footwear Packaging (boxes and wrapping)

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